CV Theo Baart




I was born in Amsterdam in 1957, moved to Hoofddorp in 1960, returned to Amsterdam in 1977 and moved back again to Hoofddorp in 2004. The distance between Amsterdam and Hoofddorp is 20 kilometres.

Questions of development reflect our culture in a way that is so visual that it can force itself upon a photographer. The permanent friction in Dutch culture between the urge to control the process of change and the usually rather uncompromising or surprising practice has become my point of reference. I try to make my photo work enter into dialogue with other disciplines, such as environmental planning.

Some of my books are about the places where I live: Territorium , Eiland 7 and Werklust. In these books I combine my photos with my own texts. It’s too personal to outsource that. In other projects I asked journalists or writers to contribute their work: Bouwlust and Snelweg. Some books have been made in collaboration with my friend and colleague Cary Markerink: Nagele, Snelweg and Nagele [revisited]. Making photobooks means also working close together with translators, editors, graphic designers and printers. It is never a solo excercise.

I see the photobook as an ideal form of presentation of my work. I like the strict form, and the rigid context. I hope though that individual photographs can survive and will be appreciated outside the context of the photobook.

Fore more bio information, see the Fotolexicon, Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Fotografie (be advised: all texts in Dutch). Fore information in the Frysian language: see Wikepy

collections [selection]: Frans Hals Museum Haarlem | Rijksmuseum Amsterdam | Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam | Nederlands Foto Museum Rotterdam | La Salle Bank Chicago | collectie Provincie Noord-Holland | Fries Museum Leeuwarden | Stadsarchief Amsterdam | Prefectural Museum Hiroshima | Museum Nagele | Fotomuseum Den Haag | George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

[group] exhibitions [selection]: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam | Nederlands Foto Museum Rotterdam | Museum Nagele Nagele | Nederlands Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam | Kunsthal Rotterdam | Frans Hals Museum / De Hallen Haarlem | George Eastman House Rochester NY | Ozon Living Design Center Tokyo |Fries Museum Leeuwarden | Neuen Pinakothek München | Hiroshima Prefectural Museum | Fotomuseum Den Haag | FOAM Amsterdam | National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto | Kröller-Müller Museum Otterlo |Aperture Gallery New York, NY | Erasmus House Djakarta | Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam | Museo del Novecento, Milan | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | Huis Marseille Amsterdam | Fondation Cartier Paris