Werklust > Biography of a landscape in transition

With an undiminished sense of wonder, Theo Baart has spent the last forty years  photographing the vicissitudes of the landscape of his youth: Hoofddorp and the area around Schiphol airport near Amsterdam. Nowhere else in the Netherlands is the landscape under such intense pressure. It is a region where all the major planning issues appear in magnified form. In word and image, Baart shows how urbanization and globalization have resulted in the seamless integration of an agricultural area into the Amsterdam metropolitan area. He has photographed the demolition of Hoofddorp’s first suburb as part of the city centre’s redevelopment, and he shows how the once empty polder has been filled with roads, bridges, railway lines and runways.

Theo Baart portrays this everday landscape, with its new residential areas, motorways and shopping centres, as a mirror of Dutch culture. Werklust, the sequel to  Bouwlust (1999), uses  this vital economic region as a striking example of how the landscape of the Netherlands has been turned completely upside down over the last forty years.

text, photography and concept: Theo Baart

design: 8-13 Grafisch ontwerpers [Hans van der Kooi]

Dutch|English edition

publisher: Ideas on Paper

352 pages | 24 * 30,5 cm

first edition 1.000 copies [november 2015]

second special edtion 1.000 copies [june 2016]

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