Amsterdam | FORUM

Text Ton Schaap
Photo essay Theo Baart
Design Piet Gerards Ontwerpers
Publisher 010 Publishers





Amsterdam Waterfront (1992-1998)

The harbor of Amsterdam was located on the eastern side of the city. Since the seventies of the last century its now located on the western side of the town. This eastern side of the city with its old docks has transformed the last fifteen years into beautiful new neighborhoods with cultural facilities, hotels and shopping centers: a magnificent extension of the city. Initiated and designed by the Physical Planning Department of the city of Amsterdam (PPD) which could mend with this enormous project its reputation after the failure of the original design of the Bijlmermeer (Amsterdam SouthEast).

I photographed several times on this location. The first time was for the architectural magazine Bouw in the late 80’s. It was then a wasteland. I am afraid I can’t find these negatives. Later around 1992 I was asked together with some colleagues to photograph this part of town. My contribution to this collective enterprise was to to photograph what was left of the economic activities in the area. This project was never finished or published.

In 2008 I photographed the new neighborhoods for the publication of Forum Amsterdam by Ton Schaap. Ton Schaap is urban designer and was part of the design team responsible for this part of town. In 2009 I photographed the waterfront of Amsterdam again, this time for PPD.