Lost Locations

Bruges 2002 Cultural Capital of Europe
curator Kurt Vanbelleghem
size 24cm*34cm 22 pages

design Griffo

Lost Locations

Every year, pictures taken over the previous 12 months for the project ‘European Eyes on Japan’ are shown at Europe's Cultural Capital. The work of Anne Daems, Hans van der Meer, Jan Kempenaers and Theo Baart that was created in 2001 in Japan was therefore exhibited in Bruges, Belgium in 2002.

As a part of the exhibition in 2002, the curator Kurt Vanbelleghem of A Prior Office for Artistic Production in Brussels invited the four artist who created this project to work in Bruges. The combination of photos made in Japan and in Bruges were shown in the railway station of Bruges in an exhibition called Los Locations.

I felt a little intimidated by the renovation of the splendid city of Bruges. The city is beautiful and admired by the tourist, but I felt lost in this location. I went looking for the daily life and found it at the outskirts of this historical town.