Text, photography & compilation Theo Baart
Design Joost Grootens
Size  220*270mm
212 pages
Publisher Ideas On Paper / NAi Publishers 2008
English edition ISBN 978-90-5662-003-5

Dutch edition: out of pirnt

Eiland 7 Tales from Suburbia has been published with financial assistance from the Netherlands Architecture Fund, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture and the municipality Haarlemmermeer.





Eiland 7 | Tales from Suburbia

In December 2004 I moved to a house just built in one of Hoofddorp’s brand-new neighborhoods. Two years before, potatoes were still being grown on the land.

In Eiland 7 / Tales from Suburbia I set out in search of the recipe for today’s Dutch residential development. Is the new neighborhood like fast food? Does everything have to look the same, or is there another way? And what happens when things are done differently? Eiland 7 / Tales from Suburbia shows that the final result is determined by all sorts of coincidental factors. By continual switches in parties involved with the building process, for instance. Or by conflicts of interest between the project developer and the municipality.

I visited farmers who sold their land and spoke with land buyers, project developers and architects. I photographed the new kitchens, the gardens and people who purchased homes on this man-made island. My neighbors talked about the houses they live in – and their mortgages.

All in all, this book renders a portrait of the Dutch middle class in its familiar habitat: the suburban village.