Introduction & photography Theo Baart
Additional text Jan Willem Papo
Design Rob Berkhout
Publisher Spaarnestad (out of print)


Dutch Interiors / Hollandse Interieurs (1994)

In 1992 and 1993 I made a survey of the Dutch interior. I tried to depict the Dutch culture by showing a variety of interiors. I visited 100 houses with my view camera from castle to farmhouse from city apartment to suburban house. In our strong and strict planning tradition there is not much space available to express one self. But at the inside of the house, in the interior there is a lot of freedom and a lot is possible. The question is what does the interior of our house tell us about our identity?

The Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad ran for a half year 20 columns with my photographs with interviews with home owners by Tracy Metz. In October 1994 the Kunsthal in Rotterdam showed 100 photographs. A publisher of magazines on interior decorating was enthusiastic about my project and published a selection of the photographs. I learned a lot of that experience: after this book I have always been the publisher of my own projects. There is though one copy of the book which I love, that’s the copy were I wrote my own stories, stapled the newspaper pieces and letters from the people that I had visited.

In the coming period I will add the remaining part of the interior collection to this site. See also Het Binnenhuis / Inside for an update on Dutch interiors

Dutch Interiors has been to Japan (Ozone Living Design Center in Tokyo 1996) to the Philippines (Ayala Museum Manila 1996) and Latin America (2004).