Atlas of Change > Rearranging the Netherlands  (2000)

Photography & selection concepts Theo Baart
Interviews and essay Tracy Metz & Tjerk Ruimschotel
Maps Must
Design Typography & Other Serious Matters
Printing Veenman drukkers
Publishers Ideas on Paper / NAi Publishers
English edition ISBN: 90-5662-163-7
Dutch edition ISBN: 90-5662-152-1
4.000 copies (out of print)

This publication was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment








The Netherlands has been changing at a rapid pace. We are constantly adding new places with new functions to the old familiar assortment of residential neighbourhoods, city parks, farms and pastures. Changes in our economy, income level, leisure activities and population profile are reflected in the landscape.

The Atlas of Change, Rearranging the Netherlands takes a tour d’horizon through the transformations that the country has been undergoing since post-war reconstruction. The Netherlands has been, and continues to be, arranged. Journalist Tracy Metz interviewed policy makers on this topic, and urban planner Tsjerk Ruimschotel contributed an essay on the topography of daily life.

I read policy documents and newspaper articles on spatial planning and selected sixty concepts that signify the changes in the use of space in the Netherlands. With these concepts in mind, I photographed the so-called new landscape, arranging the sections of photographic essay alphabetically. This essay is about the Dutch language and how we like to address developments using beautiful descriptions. At times, the discrepancy between these descriptions and the photographed banality becomes obvious.